World of Tanks Blitz

Play for free in tanks online. Dynamic command PVP-spray 7x7 on tanks. The legendary MMO explosion for your mobile device.

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The huge world of tanks. You are waiting for the historically reliable technique of the USSR, Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain, China, the USA and other countries. And also - experimental combat vehicles according to the drawings of famous designers, anime tanks, armored monsters from popular alternative universes and other tanks. More than 400 - there is something to choose from!

There is always where to grow. PVP player with a worked out development system. Explore the equipment from tanks I level to monstrous machines X level. Change the guns, tune the equipment, apply camouflage and increase your chances of survival. Adjust the fighting equipment to your style of play, features of the type of battle or regime.

It is not boring here. Not a single battle of tanks is like the previous one. Regular game events with collectible and premium tanks among awards alternate with the launch of modes that will change your view of multiplayer games.

Cards. The battles of tanks will unfold on a variety of arenas. Normandy on the days when the Second World War was refracted. Post -apocalyptic wasteland, exhausting under the radioactive sun. Mediterranean coast with ancient ruins. A snowy station on the edge of the world, a megalopolis, the sands of the desert, the eastern city ... and even the moon! More than 25 cards for war, each with its own features.






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